PAYG (Pay As You Go Websites)

At RadiusMedia we have launch a new service. PAYG (Pay As You Go Websites).

We cater to your exact needs, while making sure we hit your target audience. Each of our websites is made with love, packed full of features and powerful CMS abilities.

This allows you to control your website. You want your customers to find you on the internet but don't want to spend $2,000 - $5,000 of your capital on a website. No lock-in contracts, or surprises, just an amazing website that lets the world know what your business is about.

A small deposit is needed to secure the build of your PAYG website, covering all the initial costs such as domain registration, hosting, email and any other affordable ongoing costs.

Why Choose PAYG Web Design?

With our pay as you go web design solutions, you can move ahead with your website without any further delay. Our affordable, manageable monthly payments let you direct your cash flow to other priorities. In the meantime, you’ll have a gorgeous, professional web presence right from day one!

Large Choice of Templates

We will work with you to choose a suitable template/WordPress theme that will showcase your business effectively. With 100’s to choose from, there is a perfect template for plumbers, builders, electricans, photographers, cleaners, – in fact, any business you can think of!

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

All of the pay as you go website templates are mobile and tablet friendly right out of the box, meaning your website will look good on a wide range of portable devices – important in todays mobile market.

Affordable Pricing

Our pay as you go website packages are geared towards small businesses and startups. Starting from $400 deposit and $35 monthly payments, this is an ideal way to get your business online. You can always have us create a bespoke website when your business flourishes.

Wordpress Hosting

Our shared cloud platform is optimised to work well with WordPress, meaning your website will perform at it’s best.

Wordpress Specialists

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our clients, so our main focus is to use only WordPress.

Our Expertise

We know WordPress like the back of our hands. We use it everyday to build websites for our clients, building on top of the great power of the WordPress core.

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