6 reasons why to use WooCommerce
Easy to use

WooCommerce is very easy to use. If you have experience with WordPress you shouldn't have any trouble using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce settings are clear and well laid out. Adding products and managing orders is also quite easy. Number of payment options including PayPal, Bank Transfer, however you can add others like Stripe Payments, Afterpay etc...

In terms of usability WooCommerce ticks all of the boxes, WooCoommerce also has an app which allows control over your eCommerce website (does require knowledge for setup and use, however we can offer training on this).

Look and Feel

While the default look and feel of WooCommerce may not be to everybody’s liking, it is a clean and clear design. Here at RadiusMedia we have great experience with WooCommerce and can adapt any design to work with WooCommerce.

Updates and Maintenance

Security is an important issue with WordPress and plugins. WooCommerce is regularly updated with new features and with security updates. The fact that it is regularly updated ensures that is always compatible with the latest version of wordpress.


WooCommerce real power shines with the excellent premium extensions that are available. Purchasing and downloading an extension from the WooCommerce website guarantees that you will get a quality product that works as expected

If the standard setup of WooCommerce does not meet your needs, here at RadiusMedia we can definitely help you pick an extension that will, however sometimes these extensions can be relatively expensive.

WooCommerce API

WooCommerce comes with a very extensive API. Any experienced WordPress developer can use the WooCommerce hooks and actions to create plugins, extensions and themes that support WooCommerce.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. For us this is one of the clinching factors. Most of our clients want not only an eCommerce site but also a website with a blog etc...

If you're interested in how WooCommerce can help you improve your business, or start an online store, contact us today! We look forward to working with you in 2019!


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